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  • With a huge love of flower gardening, Three Birds started by selling our home-grown cut flowers at the West Grove Farmers Market in 2010.
  • In 2011, we expanded  to offer Individual and Business shares in our Cut Flower CSA, with pick-up available at Inverbrook Farm in West Grove, PA.
  • In 2012 & 2013,  our membership grew to include many area businesses and individual group memberships, where our fresh cut flowers are delivered directly.
  • For our 2014 Summer and Fall season, we were so excited to offer our bouquets for pick up at Harvest Market in Hockessin, DE!!
  • 2015 Summer and Fall bouquets were available for pick-up at Harvest Market, Terra Foods, Rooted, Avondale Natural Foods and North Star Orchard!
  • 2016 was an amazing year being able to continue our traditional CSA. However, 2017 we will not be offering our CSA. Instead we will provide flowers for special order and direct sale. Please see Three Birds Bouquets and Custom Orders for more details.


About our Chief Bird: Yeda is super enthusiastic to continue improving her gardens and offering its bounty to those who wish to revel in the splendor of each bud. Yeda so enjoys gardening, she is compelled to share the joy flowers bring. If there is a particular flower you would like to see in your bouquets that you may not have seen this past season, please let her know. She would love to add it to her rather large list!


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